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Incentive Negotiation

GLS conducts incentive negotiations on behalf of clients to ensure that all possibilities are explored and that maximum benefit is secured for our clients. Whether a project is a major development, expansion, or a routine capital improvement, GLS can help clients achieve unexpected value through our Incentive Negotiation service. Deploying professional counsel for this process helps create a win-win situation for the company and the community.

Since many executive management teams are unaware of all the state and local incentives that are available to them, not utilizing an expert resource frequently results in the company receiving smaller-than-necessary incentive packages.  GLS can identify, evaluate, and communicate all applicable programs available in a given location – thereby reducing investment and operating costs, improving return on investment, and identifying risks associated with relocating or expanding.

With the deep experience offered by GLS, we operate in an environment of cooperation and mutual benefit, rather than establishing adversarial overtones, and always do so with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Areas where we can assist clients in negotiation include state and local tax incentives, cash grants, utility rate concessions and procurement, site and infrastructure improvement, training assistance, project financing, and more.