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Incentive Negotiation and Compliance

Experienced Incentive Negotiation with Your Capital Investment in Mind

GLS knows economic incentives are not created equal.

Some incentives look good on paper but fail to make a meaningful impact on your investment and operating costs. Other incentives appear less impressive at first but offer significant long-term savings or non-financial benefits for your project.

Thanks to decades of project experience negotiating incentives for manufacturing and industrial clients, we know the true value of how incentives impact your business. GLS advisors will help your team understand the true costs of location, not just the potential value of cost offsets, to ensure that you make an informed decision that is optimal for your facility.

Our Philosophy Economic incentives do not make a bad location good; they make a good location better.

If your site does not meet your supply chain, logistics, operating cost, or skilled workforce needs, all the incentives in the world will not ensure your company’s future.

Rather than identifying potential locations based on a collection of available incentives, we first focus on potential locations that meet the technical and operational criteria for your company to achieve optimal production. We enter the incentive negotiation phase strategically and only after we have refined to a technically qualified and vetted shortlist of sites.

By narrowing the field of potential site locations to only the top selections, we work alongside your team to negotiate the highest and best incentives and confidently recommend the ideal location strategy for your company.

Insight. Foresight. Oversight. Let our experience work for you.

Whether your project is a new greenfield development, strategic expansion, or sustaining capital maintenance and improvements, we help you secure financial and non-financial incentives that will deliver value to your project.

Negotiating location deals is a big part of what we do all day, every day—so we understand all of the complexities, the incentive programs that vary from state to state and community to community, and even the unpublished incentives that can mean a lot for your project. We know how to leverage incentives for maximum gain. We also stick with our clients during the application process and throughout the life of the incentive program to make sure you get every dollar you've been promised. If there's a change to the project, we even help clients address the issue proactively and renegotiate the deal when necessary.

Insight Dig deeper. Know more.

Just getting started with your project and want to understand how incentives may impact your project? Are you uncertain about how locations compare to one another on incentives? Provide us with your project parameters and we can produce a detailed, multi-location desktop assessment for you. While some incentives merely offer perceived value, we work to uncover the specific incentives that move the needle for your project and company. We provide executive management teams with the insight they need to distinguish which incentives deliver a true and discernible impact.

GLS helps companies optimize their location through economic incentives negotiations by:

  • Reducing investment and operating costs
  • Improving your return on investment
  • Identifying and mitigating risks associated with the location

Foresight Envision your company’s future before your competitors do.

A location decision is a long-term commitment. Before you make that commitment, you must consider not only the current economic and operating conditions but how the rapidly changing political, environmental and trade environment will impact your operation in the future. Slight shifts in the business conditions of a location or the economy overall can have a dramatic impact on your ability to be successful. While no one has complete knowledge of the future, our professionals are continuously following economic, political, and industrial trends to help guide your decisions, taking into account not just the current environment but also the dynamic nature of the underlying fundamentals of your business.

Oversight More than a Checklist—a Partner Every Step of the Way.

Like you, we take projects personally.

When you undertake a major development project, your reputation is at stake; your career is your collateral. You need to build the best performing facility at the optimal location with the highest return. At GLS, we share your sense of urgency and approach the site selection and incentive negotiation process with the same goals. We do not negotiate and walk away.

From initial incentive conversations to negotiations through to compliance, we’re with you every step of the way.