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Didi Caldwell
President and Founding Principal


Connect with Didi at the office 864-565-7849 or mobile 864-918-3816.

While working as an intern for Fluor Daniel in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1997, Didi Caldwell had a chance encounter that would change the direction of her career. Less than a year later, she became a consultant with Global Location Strategies, then a part of Fluor’s organization in Greenville, SC. Site selection consulting combines the things that Didi loves most- helping clients make important decisions, constantly learning new things, and travel.

For most of the last 20 years, Didi has dedicated herself to assisting corporations with their location strategy – where and how to deploy their assets around the world. She has worked on projects in a multitude of industries, but her expertise and passion are in large manufacturing and heavy industrial projects. Since 1998, she has personally conducted location advisory services in more than 30 countries for both domestic capital investment and foreign direct investment projects.

During the mid-2000s, Didi took a brief hiatus from site selection when she was President of a capital advisory firm assisting K12 educational institutions with assessing and financing their capital needs. During that time she helped arrange the financing of nearly $1 billion in K12 schools.

Didi is a graduate of both Clemson University, where she received her undergraduate in Architecture, and the University of South Carolina, where she received an International MBA from the prestigious Moore School of Business. She roots for both schools, except that one Saturday after Thanksgiving, when her blood runneth orange.

Didi speaks Spanish and is a proud citizen of both the United States and Australia. She is married to Eduardo and together they have four children, Ricardo, Gabriela, Gabriel, and Jonas. When not traveling around the world for work, she spends her time traveling around the world for pleasure, catching as many baseball games and long, scenic runs as possible.