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Move the Meter on the Economic Development Metrics in Your Community

Is your community ready to attract capital investment? The team at Global Location Strategies supports economic developers through the full 360 degrees of preparing for new business investment. From New Site Identification to Existing Site and Community Benchmarking, our programs are designed to help you move the meter and truly make an impact on capital investment and new job growth in your community.

We understand the primary goal of economic development organizations is to attract companies and create jobs. At GLS, we’ve spent decades siting global manufacturing and industrial corporations, securing $5.8 billion in announced projects resulting in 5,950 jobs since 2012. Let us customize our services to help position you for future success by advising your community on its site identification, site characterization, and target market strategy development.

Our services can be bundled to create a custom consulting assignment.  We can provide your team with:
    •    Insight into the Site Selection Process
    •    Strategy to Align All Site and Community Representatives
    •    Checklists for Preparing Industrial Sites
    •    Best Practices for Site Visits
    •    Review of the RFI Completion Process

GLS has also developed the following suite of Investment Readiness training programs.  These programs are especially designed to help you meet investor demands. Programs may be scheduled independently or combined in sequence to optimally prepare your community to capture new business investment.  Our programs typically occur over one or two days and may be conducted onsite or via webinar.

1. Site Visit Simulation

Site visits are make-or-break moments in the site selection process. Successful communities have mastered the art of leveraging site visits to convey why theirs is the best community for an investment.

Led by an experienced site selector, our Site Visit Simulation will coach your EDO team and community partners on effective site visit practices. We will develop a mock project profile based on your target industries and will guide you through the site visit just as we would with a real project. The difference? You’ll receive feedback following each portion of the visit, and insight into the overall effectiveness of experience at the end of the day. Let us leverage our global experience to help you land your next project.

2. Develop Your Pitch

Investors have their business case ready – shouldn’t your value proposition be ready as well? This program will help you craft your unique value proposition to convince companies to select your community for the next major project.

With key members of your EDO team and community stakeholders present, our experienced site selectors will lead an interactive SWOT workshop to identify the key characteristics of your available sites and community. We will then moderate a “where do we go from here” discussion, culminating in an action plan to carry team momentum beyond the workshop. This highly engaging workshop gives participating members an opportunity to provide input and ask questions, leaving them with a vested interest in a cohesive plan.

3. Stakeholder Onboarding Workshop

Like any team sport, economic development is at its best when all community stakeholders are engaged and moving in a cohesive direction. Let us help extend your economic development capacity beyond your core team by helping your stakeholders recognize their role in community economic development.

This half-day workshop will review the new fundamentals of economic development in the age of big data and highly technological infrastructure needs. We will also guide your stakeholders toward an understanding of the site selection process, factors to consider in industry attraction, and how to successfully participate in an RFI and site visit. By the end of the workshop, all stakeholders will have developed their own economic development elevator pitch and will be prepared to contribute to your community’s next investment attraction project.

Contact us in December to book one, two or all three Investment Readiness programs and receive special holiday savings!