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Technical Site Due Diligence

Sometimes clients have conducted a site search internally, selected a handful of sites, but need assistance in evaluating and making a final decision.  The GLS Site Due Diligence services are a way to finalize the preferred location.

GLS will perform a detailed analysis of competitive sites utilizing both desktop and field review. Analyses of the following due diligence areas will include:

  • Code, zoning, and covenants
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Environmental surveys and status
  • Wetlands assessment
  • Site utilities
  • Property surveys
  • Logistics/traffic flow
  • Permitting
  • Assessment of access to groundwater sources

Once a preliminary review of the information is conducted, GLS will visit the site and meet with representatives from the community, utility providers, permitting agencies, developers, and others as needed to verify the information provided thus far.  On these visits, meetings and interviews will determine more about the process, time, and costs to develop the project. Local economic developers and/or the real estate representatives will assist GLS in arranging the visits and meetings.

Survey Assistance 

If necessary, the GLS team can help commission a Phase I environmental assessment, a geotechnical analysis, a wetlands assessment, and an ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey. Based on the results of these studies, additional investigations may be required. Driven by the information gathered during the site visits and from the studies listed above, GLS also determines if the identified issues affect the siting decision if any issue carries significant risk, and what the potential impact would be (cost and/ or schedule) for each issue.

For any items that carry significant risk and/or impact the siting decision, the team will develop an action plan that includes the cost and time to better understand or mitigate the risk. Together with the client, the team will determine which of the action plans should be implemented and by whom.