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Industrial Site Identification

More and more it is common to find that regions and communities do not have an adequate supply of industrial sites to meet the needs of active site selection projects. It is necessary that economic development groups be proactive in establishing a pipeline of sites that are targeted for specific industry.

With years of experience identifying sites that meet the project requirements for specific industrial uses, GLS consultants are adept at pinpointing real estate that is ideal for industrial development.  Using GIS, we analyze the locations of appropriate utility and transportation infrastructure, and compare such infrastructure to viable tracts of land. The cross section of infrastructure and land provides GLS with target properties that are further investigated through desktop analysis and ultimately, site visits.

The GLS Industrial Site Identification process helps economic development organizations to identify future industrial real estate property.

The final result of this process is a report that identifies all of the real estate product in a specific region with potential for industrial development. Furthermore, the final report will help economic development organizations understand the strengths of weaknesses of their real estate product and recommendations for the best path forward for development of these assets.