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Site Selection Strategy With Proven Results

Since 2009, GLS has advised clients to choose the optimal location for their new, expanding, or relocating manufacturing operation. We have supported both domestic capital investment and foreign direct investment projects.

Connecting Facilities and Communities

Our site selection, due diligence, and incentive negotiation services assist corporations in identifying a location for a sucessful future operation.

For states, regions, and communities, our economic development consulting services leverage our significant site selection experience to conduct detailed site assessments and develop unique solutions that assist locations in attracting future projects.

With skills honed from decades of leadership in the worldwide location services division of a major construction and engineering firm, followed by successful individual consultancies serving clients around the globe, GLS has the experience and technical expertise to serve a variety of clients.  In addition to our in-house knowledge and skills, GLS can also tap world-class engineers, technical experts, and project developers of some of the largest construction companies in the world as needed to provide additional advantages to our clients.

Site Selection Services

Incentive Negotiation and Compliance

GLS leverages our extensive experience to conduct economic incentive negotiations on your behalf, maximizing your ROI. Once the location has been determined, our team is with you for the long term providing incentive compliance services, thereby minimizing the administrative burden on your team and ensuring that you receive all the incentives you were awarded.


Site Selection

Using proven methodology and over 50 years of industry experience, GLS helps you arrive at the best, balanced site location choice.


Location Benchmarking

A critical tool that is used to screen potential locations to quickly and accurately gauge each location’s advantages and disadvantages for specific operations.


Technical Site Due Diligence

GLS will conduct a detailed analysis and review of finalist sites, commissioning necessary studies, and identifying any risks that need to be mitigated.


Alignment and Training

For companies looking to perform the site selection process internally, GLS can help project teams properly prepare for a successful site search.


Economic Development Services

Site Visit Coaching

Site Visit Coaching educates economic development teams and their community partners on effective site visit practices. Select either a Virtual or In-Person Site Visit to prepare your community for new business investment and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


Site Audit

For a site to successfully win heavy industrial, mission-critical, or other competitive investment projects, it must undergo rigorous due diligence and critical assessments of the property.


Site Identification

Identify new industrial sites that leverage your community’s unique assets to attract investment of your targeted use types.


Site Readiness

Boost your community’s inventory of project-ready sites and support the development of greenfield sites into tax-generating opportunities with GLS’ site readiness program.


Workforce Readiness Analysis

Equip your community’s labor market for future job growth by defining what skillsets may be needed in the years ahead and how to align stakeholders to meet those needs. 


Reverse Site Selection

Reverse engineer the site selection process to define the best use for your community’s mega site, retiring power plant, former chemical complex, and other unique assets, and leverage those insights to develop a targeted business case for investors.


Speaking Engagements

Host a GLS principal or consultant at your next event.


Submit Your Sites

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