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Expert Site Selection

Our site location services are ideal for companies seeking to relocate facilities, expand into new markets, or create additional capacity in already developed markets.

Choosing your future site is a significant investment that has generational impact.

GLS site selection services help leaders see further and prepare for what's ahead. Our signature 360-degree analysis cross-references more than 850 data points for each location, delivering the clarity your team needs to move forward with confidence.

Let our experience be your most valuable investment management tool:

  • Look Beyond the Foreseeable Future Site selection involves more than choosing where to build. You have to decide where you need to be now—and where you’ll want to be in 50 years.

  • Move Forward with the Benefit of Hindsight While this may be your first time selecting a site, we’ve been down this road many times before. We give you the 20/20 perspective that only comes from decades of experience.

  • Decide with Confidence and Make Your Mark Our thorough analysis will help you build your business case and give your team confidence in its choice.

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Site Selection Services

Incentive Negotiation and Compliance

GLS leverages our extensive experience to conduct economic incentive negotiations on your behalf, maximizing your ROI. Once the location has been determined, our team is with you for the long term providing incentive compliance services, thereby minimizing the administrative burden on your team and ensuring that you receive all the incentives you were awarded.


Site Selection

Using proven methodology and over 50 years of industry experience, GLS helps you arrive at the best, balanced site location choice.


Location Benchmarking

A critical tool that is used to screen potential locations to quickly and accurately gauge each location’s advantages and disadvantages for specific operations.


Technical Site Due Diligence

GLS will conduct a detailed analysis and review of finalist sites, commissioning necessary studies, and identifying any risks that need to be mitigated.


Alignment and Training

For companies looking to perform the site selection process internally, GLS can help project teams properly prepare for a successful site search.

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