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Site Identification

Grow Your Investment-Ready Site Inventory

Identify new industrial sites that leverage your community’s unique assets to attract investment of your targeted use types.

More and more it is common to find that regions and communities do not have an adequate supply of industrial sites to meet the needs of active site selection projects and corporations looking to make an investment. It is necessary that economic development organizations be proactive in establishing a pipeline of manufacturing and industrial sites that are targeted for specific industry sectors.

With years of experience identifying sites that meet the project requirements for specific manufacturing industrial uses, the team at Global Location Strategies is skilled at pinpointing the real estate that is ideal for development.  Using geospatial and workforce intelligence technology platforms, we analyze locations for their appropriate utility, transportation, environmental, and labor infrastructure.  We develop a set of target properties that are then further investigated through desktop analysis, landowner engagement, and field site visits.

The final result of the Industrial Site Identification process is new sites to bring to market accompanied by a report of the evaluated land parcels so that an organization can choose how to create its continuous pipeline of industrial sites and position their communities for multigenerational success. 

The Industrial Site Identification process from the team at Global Location Strategies helps economic development organizations identify and develop a continuous pipeline of industrial real estate properties.

With GLS Site Identification Solutions, you will:

Increase Your Community’s Ready Inventory
A lack of ready inventory limits a community’s opportunity to compete for business investment. To avoid becoming a victim of its own success, a community must begin identifying its next industrial properties as soon as its existing sites are marketed.

Know Where to Invest Your Time, Money, and Political Capital
Your economic development agencies don’t have unlimited resources. That’s why our Site Identification service is practical and solutions-focused. We use a phased methodology that puts our clients in control.  We help you narrow down all the land parcel options in your region to a shortlist of sites that are actually worth your investment and offer a positive ROI. The goal is to choose a site with attainable short term and long term investment potential. 

Understand How Your Site Stacks up to the Competition
After a site has been identified we can help you take the next step in planning investments by benchmarking that site in your community against sites in other communities that may directly compete. This insight can then reinforce decisions on where to spend time and money. 

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