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Reverse Site Selection

Give New Life to Unique or Abandoned Assets

Reverse engineer the site selection process to define the best use for your community’s mega-site, retiring power plant, former chemical complex, and other unique assets, and leverage those insights to develop a targeted business case for investors.

Is a site competitive for an automotive manufacturer?  Have an old brownfield location that needs to be marketed, but do not know what type of operation would be the best fit?

Due to our wide range of experience working with different industries and companies all across the United States and the globe, GLS has the ability to help determine the competitiveness of a region and site. In coordination with the representative community, GLS will first determine four to five industries to be evaluated. Using these project profiles, GLS then evaluates the community’s competitiveness on a global, national, and regional scale.

GLS then assesses site-specific information such as utilities, transportation infrastructure, site characteristics, etc. This data is used to determine site strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Data is obtained through site questionnaires, site visits, and interviews with community and site representatives.

The result of this analysis is a report that details the relative competitiveness of the region and the site. GLS will recommend the top industries that should be targeted and site risks that should be mitigated. At the end of this process, the economic development organization will have a deeper knowledge of their site, a clear understanding of how competitive their location is, and a path forward on how to attract a company to their site.