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Parker Wyatt


Connect with Parker at the office 864-565-7849 or mobile 864-607-8323.

An indispensable member of the GLS team, Parker is responsible for gathering and analyzing critical data that establishes an initial framework around our site selection decisions. His obsession with analytics and uncovering the connective thread between logistics, up and downstream supply chains, labor, environment, legal, zoning, and more fuels his proclivity to leave no stone unturned. The qualitative outcomes Parker provides are combined with boots-on-the-ground quantitative research from our consultants and principals, enabling them to recommend locations that are logical, defendable, and successful.

Parker is a graduate of Clemson University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management with a minor in Accounting. A sports enthusiast and die-hard Tiger fan, he spends most weekends in the fall following his favorite football team regardless of where their schedule may take him.