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GLS Identifies Top Industries for Eastman Business Park

Catalina Valencia
2:39 read

Upon completing an exhaustive study of Kodak’s Eastman Business Park in Rochester, New York, GLS was able to identify the industries most likely to flourish there. As a result, the business park has developed a highly targeted prospect list and finely tuned its message in order to attract major manufacturers.

Routinely conducted for economic development organizations, this type of detailed analysis is novel for industrial business parks.

“Eastman Business Park has a wide diversity of attractive assets for a multitude of industries,” explains GLS project lead Catalina Valencia, “but its leadership wanted to appeal to companies most assured of long-term success at the park. This type of detailed approach is highly unique for industrial parks and we suspect its success will give rise to similar projects for GLS around the world.”

Details of the study and its results are shared in the press release that follows.

Plastics, Food & Beverages, Downstream Chemicals and Biopharma
Primed for Success Given Park’s Assets

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Finding the right site for a manufacturing operation is like finding the right house for your family. House hunters consider features like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen amenities, garages, hobby needs, school districts, and neighborhoods. Companies looking for a new manufacturing site want a strong pool of talent for new hires, the right location relative to markets and suppliers, the right utility infrastructure, and a favorable business climate.
“We want anyone buying or leasing space at Eastman Business Park to experience long-term success,” says Dolores Kruchten, President, Corporate Real Estate and Eastman Park Division and Vice President at Eastman Kodak Company. “The highest value is created here when a company needs several of the assets we have. We want to attract companies that need our abundant water and industrial waste treatment capabilities. We want companies that need our low-cost steam and extensive industrial and technical services. The more they need from us the better the value for everyone.”
That’s where Global Location Strategies (GLS) comes in. As an advisor to Eastman Business Park (EBP) and its partner, utility owner and operator RED Rochester, LLC, GLS is a kind of industrial match-maker. They have extensive experience helping companies find the just the right site for their manufacturing operations.  First, they find out what the client wants and needs in a site. Then, they add value by asking about factors the client may not have considered — helping to increase the likelihood of long-term success and a strong financial return.
In the case of Eastman Business Park, GLS did the same process in reverse. They studied the assets of Eastman Business Park and the Finger Lakes Region, then identified industries most likely to need that combination of capabilities. 
Eastman Business Park, the site of Eastman Kodak Company’s largest manufacturing complex — the largest of its kind in the world — is a 1,200-acre industrial park designed as a fully integrated system with significant resources including:

  1. An abundant supply of fresh, reliable water. Eastman Business Park has access to tremendous freshwater resources (permitted to draw up to 54 million gallons a day from Lake Ontario).
  2. Built-in utilities access and infrastructure. Eastman Business Park has a dedicated utility system onsite that includes 117 MW of firm electricity supply, high and low-pressure steam capacity, natural gas, nitrogen, high-purity water and chill water supply, and an industrial wastewater treatment facility.
  3. Strong transportation access and intermodal facilities. I-390 borders EBP to the west and I-490 is just a 5-minute drive to the east, providing easy access for transport trucks. The Rochester Transit System provides public transportation to the park. The Greater Rochester International Airport is located 9 miles from EBP and is served by 7 airlines. The site has Class-1 railroad service, with daily service connection to both CSX Transportation and G&W’s Rochester & Southern Railroad, which connects to Norfolk Southern, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. A 16-mile intermodal rail yard is capable of delivering an assortment of products to manufacturers located at EBP.
  4. Close proximity to customers and end users. Serving the Northeast U.S. Market, the site is located within 500 miles of 33% of the U.S. and Canadian population. This allows manufacturers to ship product quickly and cost efficiently to customers and end users.
  5. Access to a qualified workforce. The tremendous population density of the region provides ample access to skilled workers. What’s more, Monroe Community College (MCC) operates the Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center at Eastman Business Park to provide manufacturing-oriented programs and skilled trades training within classroom and lab space.

“Eastman Business Park boasts numerous attributes that make it uniquely qualified for specific manufacturing investments,” said Woody Hydrick, Managing Principal of Global Location Strategies.  “Chief amongst these are its robust utility infrastructure, skilled workforce, and proximity to the East Coast markets.”
Given the capabilities of EBP, the GLS study identified four target industries for new business attraction: Plastics, Food Processing & Manufacturing, Downstream Chemicals Manufacturing, and Biopharmaceuticals. More than any other industries analyzed, EBP represented a low-cost, high-quality option for these four.
Craig Bennett, President of RED Rochester, said, “Any manufacturer in plastics, food processing, downstream chemicals and biopharmaceuticals looking for a new site will have a tremendous advantage in Eastman Business Park, not only for the detailed site analysis already conducted by Global Location Strategies but also for the efficiencies of co-location.”
Eastman Business Park’s ownership model also supports new development, with land and existing buildings available, no wetland restrictions, and a fully characterized environmental condition managed by the site owner. The Park also offers on-site emergency services and numerous synergies from legacy industrial operations onsite.
For information about Eastman Business Park, visit www.eastmanbusinesspark.com. To contact Global Location Strategies regarding the study, click here.