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Introducing The Power Point

Part of our job as site selection professionals is helping communities and economic development organizations (EDOs) attract the optimal types of investment for their specific geographic advantages. Many of those we work with are especially hungry for energy-intensive companies that require an abundance of electric, gas, steam and other energy sources to fuel their operations. A complexity of issues must be addressed in order to attract this type of lucrative investment, which typically leaves EDOs with a multitude of questions, e.g., What Are Our Most Attractive Assets? How Do We Know Which Industries to Target? How Do We Develop the Necessary Workforce for Those Industries? The list is long and not unique to any single EDO.

To help answer these questions, we produced The Power Point, a site product strategy resource. Each edition features a single question & answer.  Using the most current and extensive data available and drawing from over 40 years of experience with energy-intensive projects, our answer will provide the insight and validation EDOs need to identify energy-intensive prospects, recruit high load projects, and develop sites to meet the needs of those projects.

The inaugural edition found here focuses on strategies for re-using old coal-fired power plants. If you wish to be placed on our mailing list, please subscribe or send an email to susandonkers@globallocationstrategies.com.