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Chris Ballback
Client Success Lead


Connect with Chris at the office 864-565-7849 or mobile 954-816-1464.

With a passion for both relationships and tech, Chris found his calling early on in his career specializing in startup SaaS companies. The bulk of Chris’ 7-year  background comes from his time with 24/7 Software, a property management SaaS company specializing in large venue operations software. His primary focus was on servicing professional and collegiate sports stadiums, arenas, and baseball parks including but not limited to Clemson University, Madison Square Garden, Cedar Fair Entertainment, Pinewood Studios, and Yas Marina Circuit.

Chris has also served in other industries including general contracting and plastic surgery, performing virtual and on-site training and account management services. With the launch of Site Shepherd, GLS' location analysis platform, Chris is excited to bring his diverse background to fulfill the needs of its growing userbase.

A native Floridian, Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of North Florida. In his free time he enjoys watching film and tv theory videos, reading tech and personal finance blogs, and playing tennis, golf, and bowling with friends and family.