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Wind Turbine

American Electric Power

Reverse Site Selection

Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania

The Need 

In 2013, American Electric Power began transitioning their generation asset strategy to align with a more cost-competitive market for electric power. A key element of the re-alignment involved the retirement of coal fueled power plants. The services of GLS were secured to understand the competitiveness of the existing sites in attracting other industrial activity, determine which of the sites is better suited for reuse, and discover what existing infrastructure would need to be saved in order to satisfy the requirements of those industries.

The Solution 

In order to develop recommendations for which of the seven sites had the most potential for industrial redevelopment and reuse, GLS developed two distinct project profiles by which to analyze the suitability of the sites. Using these profiles, GLS evaluated the attractiveness of these sites on a global (country-by-country analysis) and national (state-by-state analysis) level. At both levels of analysis, GLS considered both qualitative and financial competitiveness on a variety of factors. In addition, GLS evaluated the sites against one another utilizing a must-screening, technical attractiveness evaluation, and a cost analysis. Finally,

GLS included four (4) other sites in the analysis to evaluate the AEP sites against greenfield sites that are considered to be "best in class“ in the same region as the retiring power station sites. At the conclusion of this analysis, GLS made recommendations for the reuse of all seven sites that AEP was able to utilize in developing their plans for the retiring coal plants.