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GLS Hires Customer Success Summer Intern

Global Location Strategies is thrilled to welcome Braden Holst as our 2021 summer intern. GLS offers year-round internship opportunities for college students, providing the opportunity to work and learn alongside the GLS team. 

Meet Our Intern


Braden Holst

Clemson University

Junior, Mathematical-Economics + Business Administration

Hometown: Chapin, South Carolina

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Ambitious, Visionary, and Pioneer

Favorite Place You've Traveled to: California and Germany

Career Path: I chose to major in Physics and minor in Chemistry because I have dreams of becoming a world-renowned scientist one day. I do not wish necessarily for fame and fortune, however, I find fulfillment and prosperity in dedicating my life to making both the world better, as well as advancing and safeguarding the future of life on Earth. I have always been so drawn and inspired by the stars that dot the night sky, and I have always felt an obligation to serve my planet and pioneer our species’ understanding of the Universe around us. With that being said, I would love to one day be employed at a national laboratory performing quantum materials research.

Why GLS? I decided to apply for an internship at GLS because I was interested in assisting them with developing their technology platform, Site Shepherd. I very much appreciated how I was treated during the interview process and welcomed by the team. I knew working at GLS would be a privilege. Here I'm encouraged to ask questions and it really feels like we are a family working towards a common goal. I have learned many new skills while at GLS that I feel could be easily transferable at an engineering or consulting firm after college.

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