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GLS Hires Spring Interns

Global Location Strategies is thrilled to welcome Lindsay Diehl and Isha Somani as our 2021 spring interns. GLS offers year-round internship opportunities for college students, providing the opportunity to work and learn alongside the GLS team. This season's talented duo comes to GLS from across the state - Lindsay Diehl, Furman University in Greenville, and Isha Somani, University of South Carolina in Columbia. 

Meet Our Interns


Lindsay Diehl in.png

Furman University

Junior, Mathematical-Economics + Business Administration

Hometown: Toms River, New Jersey

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Adventurous, Open-Minded, and Passionate

Favorite Place You've Traveled to: The Galapagos Islands

Career Path: I chose to major in Mathematical-Economics because I have a passion for working with numbers. Not many people enjoy math, but I cannot walk away from a problem until I solve it. On the other hand, Business Administration has challenged me to think in a more qualitative way which I have not done before, and I love a challenge. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do when I finish school, but I hope to work in the Southeast with a career in Economics.

Why GLS? Even during the interview process, I could tell the opportunity to intern at GLS was unlike any other. The questions they asked weren’t typical. Instead, they sparked genuine conversation and, by the end of my interview, I felt like I truly knew what GLS was all about. Although I am only a few weeks into my internship, I already feel comfortable going to any one of the team members to answer questions. Someone is always willing to hop on a video chat and help, no matter how silly the question seems. They truly want me to learn in this process and get to know me, not just focus on their work. At GLS, you aren’t “just an intern.” You are an integral team member and you will be encouraged to make real connections and an impact.


Isha Somani in.png

University of South Carolina

Graduate Student, Master of International Business

Undergrad, Finance, Management, and International Business

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Ambitious, Honest, Curious

Favorite Places You've Traveled to: Hong Kong and Thailand

Career Path: I know I've wanted to work at the intersection of international business, strategy, and analytics since I was 12. Luckily, the #1 international business program in the country was at the University of South Carolina, along with the opportunity to study abroad in three countries. As part of my program, I also had the opportunity to work as a student consultant. Since then, I’ve known I want to work in consulting.

Why GLS? I wanted to find an internship that would give me the chance to grow professionally while learning about a new industry, and I loved how open John and Kelly were during the interview about their knowledge in the field. I could also tell that they really loved their jobs, regardless of the late nights or tough weeks! Having interned for a couple of weeks now, I can see why—the team is amazing, and I am honored to have received this opportunity!

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