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Woody Hydrick Quoted in Public Power Magazine

Woody Hydrick
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In the spring of 2016, the American Public Power Association reached out to Woody Hydrick to help provide them with insight and market knowledge for an upcoming article to be featured in their Public Power magazine.  The article, entitled Supporting Your Community's Foundation Commercial & Industrial Customers, focused on how power providers can treat their anchoring customer accounts.  Due to an extensive history of assisting companies with large electrical demands, Woody Hydrick was able to provide detailed feedback.  Below you will find some of Woody's quotes from the article regarding the electrical needs of large manufacturers.

"Industrial customers tend to be pretty big power users, particularly if they are involved in batch manufacturing processes where they are operating 24/7.  Their demand for power is a constant.  They need access to not only affordable power, but also reliable power." 

"[Industrial customers] don't want risk to their production timeline, and sometimes they're trying to capture a market window where they're trying to be up and in production before anybody else.  Any delays or hesitation in that plan can scuttle the entire investment." 

"What they're really looking for is long-term contracting and long-term price stability.  If they can enter into a contract of 10 years or more for power at a fixed rate for the entire duration, they and thier investors know what their built-in sunk cost are and can forecast overall profitability."

To read the full article from Public Power, click here.

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