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Alignment and Training

Set Your Team Up for Success

If you’re performing site selection internally, your project team has a daunting task ahead. Selecting the most viable location for your next facility involves a complex decision-making process—weighing the costs, risks, and qualitative characteristics of every location to determine which site will optimize your return on investment. 

You Have An Internal Site Selection Team. Why Bring in GLS Location Strategy Advisors? 

In addition, the benefit of experienced eyes providing guidance and oversight for your project from end-to-end, bringing GLS on board for alignment and training of your team has a number of advantages that can save your site selection project time and money:

A Knowledgeable, Well-Trained Team 

Often, project teams tasked with selecting the best site for their company’s next expansion find themselves starting from scratch to develop the methodology and knowledge base. That costs time and money. Our targeted alignment and training sessions are specifically designed to help your team members ramp up quickly, learn what they need to know, avoid costly pitfalls, and recommend the optimal location.

A Database of Standardized Site Selection Tools and Reports

In our experience, one of the most frustrating aspects of the site selection process is the management and analysis of non-standardized data that comes in from dozens of sources. That’s why we’ve refined and perfected our suite of site selection analysis tools, information sources, and reports over the decades we’ve spent in the real-world, helping companies just like yours choose the best site for their next project. We assist your team in locating and compiling the vast quantity of relevant data points, filtering out the fluff, and organizing it in a standard format so the team can focus on what matters. 

An Efficient, Time-Tested Site Selection Process

Many corporate teams will go through one major location decision in their entire career, so it makes sense that your company hasn’t developed a tried and true site selection process. By contrast, GLS advisors oversee several projects every year and hundreds over their careers. We provide a subject matter expert to serve as a resource to ensure your team is following a thorough and efficient process that will drive the optimal decision. This isn’t a theoretical process that we think should work—it’s a process that has worked effectively for all types of location decision projects over and over again. 

Stakeholder Buy-In

We do understand that nothing in life is guaranteed. But we also know that clearly defining your project criteria at the outset with input from all stakeholders, keeping your stakeholders informed throughout the process, and following a time-tested process for site selection makes it more likely that you’ll have buy-in throughout the project lifespan. More importantly, you’ll avoid challenges that could derail the project once you’ve arrived at a recommendation.  

GLS staffs senior-level location strategy advisors who are ready and able to integrate with your project team, delivering insight and standardizing a complex process without creating an additional burden for you. 

Discover how we can work with you to augment your internal team to maximize ROI and create a bright future for your company. 

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