Emission Credits Have a Dynamic Effect on Industrial Site Selection

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GLS Managing Principal Woody Hydrick will speak at the 2017 Texas Emission Credit Conference in Houston on Thursday, September 14. There, he will discuss how air quality emission credits factor into siting projects in the Gulf Coast region. Within that context, Hydrick will explain the comprehensive analysis required to understand:

  • Available credits and their face value;
  • Capital and operating expenditures of acquiring and maintaining credits;
  • Emission credit costs in competing states/regions; and
  • How emission credits stack up against other site selection factors, such as infrastructure access, logistics, access to feedstocks, hiring and wages, taxes, and incentives.

“Fluctuating values and regulatory requirements of emission credits makes industrial site selection a highly dynamic process,” explains Hydrick. “My intent is to help Gulf Coast industrial companies understand the true value of emission credits, especially when compared to other upfront and long-term investment considerations.”
The Texas Emission Credit Conference is an annual event organized by Element Markets, a renewable natural gas marketing and environmental commodities company.